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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lazy but Creative Afternoon Indoors

The lovely Autumn weather and chill have set in around here. It makes for some lovely scenery but I don't like being cold, and this afternoon I was feeling exceptionally lazy. However, I have two little girls who need fresh air and excitement. They woke up from their afternoon nap at 3pm and I made all of the preparations to take them to the playground, against my better judgement, since I know very well that at 3pm school kids raid the park and it is insanely loud, chaotic and echoing with tears. 

I nearly shed a tear of joy when my two-year-old told me she preferred to play indoors. Unprepared, I panicked. Bedtime was 4.5 hours away! What would we do? I heard the mail drop through the door and it was nothing but junk newspapers. AN INSTANT ACTIVITY.

I played some of Van Morrison's greatest hits on my ipod player. The girls & I did nothing more than shred the paper with our hands and toss it over each other's heads. The girls were in stitches they had so much fun. This really was a simple pleasure. Tearing, playing and picking up took 1.5 hours and before I knew it, it was time to prepare dinner. Fantastic time!

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