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Monday, November 21, 2011

cha cha heels

I recently went to a "Christmas ball" which is really more or less, like an adult prom. I had a great time, but I had a terrible time finding something to wear. It is just that, at the moment, I am not completely comfortable in my own skin and I wanted to be able to move and dance without worrying about any bumpy parts of my body, anything falling out of a dress, something too long or too short and my goodness I wanted to wear comfy shoes. Oh - and above all I did not want to spend a fortune. Above is the look I chose after consulting with Emily from This is what she told me. 

"As for dresses, I'd suggest something in a fun, jewel color (avoid black) with sleeves (it is winter, after all) and a slightly billowy waist. Wear a statement necklace (preferably something sparkly to draw the eye up), a pair of nude/metallic platform heels and you'll be good to go!"

This is what I went with. I could not find a billowy waisted dress but loved the long sleeves and loose waist. It made me feel comfy. The shoes I have had for years and the clutch really completed the look. Best of all I spent very little. 

1. Dress from Monsoon as seen here.
2. the Clutch bag I got from TK max for a 10.
3.  I bought the statement necklace at an arts and crafts fair for 35 pounds. I am sure I will get alot of use out of it.
4. The shoes I have had for donkey's years. "that means for a long time"

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