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Friday, November 4, 2011

Chalkboard Wall Chic

current chalkboard. We have a very cool 1940's kitchen hatch. Adds character. 

We have been in the house two months now & have taken the sensible advice to live in it for 6 months before we make any major changes. That has been wonderful advice because what I thought I wanted at the beginning has changed. The only change we did do, our first bit of DIY, was painting a chalkboard wall. Now, everyone, including my husband thought I was insane to turn an entire wall into a chalkboard. The fear was that it would darken the room too much. But it really works because the house already has tons of natural light and massive windows on both sides! It keeps us organized, the girls love it, adds color because we display the girls art, Api shows her art to visitors and it is a great conversation piece. 

Today's Art Activity. I am impressed. 

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