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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Husband and I Never Argue

My Perfect Marriage
I am a very lucky woman because H and I never argue. We don't even disagree. Every decision, minor to large scale, ranging from what to have for dinner to where we will live the rest of our lives is pure and utter agreement, harmony and accord. It has always been like this. With us, it was love at first sight and since then every single step in our journey has been perfection. I really don't understand why couples ever argue.

Who am I kidding! For purposes of this piece let me define argument as being anything from a passive reasoned debate to a powerful verbal altercation. It includes rolling your eyes at one another and happily giving in to calling someone a naughty word in public, both are scenarios I've witnessed in public within the last week.

Like many other women, I have had my moments of "crazy" especially in the dating years. Oh yes, I recall, especially in my early 20's, the tears, taking down of photos, texts to say "you will never find anyone like me." I've even walked out of a restaurant. Not my best moments. I will admit.

But I've grown and things have evolved. It's give & take. He knows, the areas to steer clear of like kitchen organization, kids meals and my makeup and clothes choices. I know better than to cause any sort of friction, or even express an adverse opinion whenever Liverpool (favorite soccer team) is playing and to stay away if Man U (rival soccer team) has a really good match because heads are going to roll.

We all have our faults, mis-communications and bad days. There are days that involve, illness, surgery, death, sick kids, misbehaving kids, bills, lack of sleep, pressure at work or school, a broken down car, a broken water pipe at home, financial pressure, floods, flight delays of 6 hours, pressure from family members, unwanted guests, not getting a promotion ... Such is life. And while I do believe that there are couples that never have "verbal altercations" (as in fight),  I don't really buy it when couples say they never even "disagree." Believe me, someone disagrees at some point but does not care enough to warrant voicing the disagreement. I have a friend from University that recently told me she is lucky because she married her best friend and that they have not even had a disagreement in years. I boldly asked him when I had him cornered and he rolled his eyes and said "I love her. I pick my battles and basically do what I am told" ...

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