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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shabby Chic Mirror

Projects have been taking 4 times as long and I have recently been feeling that I am not going to get the house to where I want it to be. But finally my shabby chic hallway mirror is complete. When we bought this house, the previous owners left this very simple wooden mirror. I nearly sold it on Ebay, but after a bit of doctoring, well a slab of paint to give it a shabby chic look, I think it really completes the hallway. If I am honest, the intention was initially for it to be plain white but I loved the ruff and rugged look with just one coat of paint. This project cost me nothing because the mirror was left here, the paint was left in the garage and the painting I did while the girls were sleeping. To finish the look, I decorated it with some lovely fake flowers that I pulled from the vase in the picture. 

Mirrors make hallways looks larger. Importantly, you never want a mirror to face the door. It is not good chi. 

boring mirror
before of  hallway

FYI: those canvasses in the above picture are from our wedding. Instead of having guests sign a book, we had them write or doodle on these canvasses. Lots of fun and really sentimental. Those are now in the living room and will hopefully be good conversation pieces. 

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