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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things Once Loved

I recently met a home designer who used a phrase that now resonates in my mind every single day. All he said was "things once loved" and that term now resonates in my mind constantly.

I'm newly 30 & in a way reinventing myself. Why? because I am in such a different position than I was when I entered my 20's.

I am now married. I now have young kids. I am no longer a size 4. I no longer work out 5 days a week. I am no longer a student. I own my own house. I have to cook for others daily. I now prefer a quiet meal in an upscale restaurant & drinks with friends to clubbing and if I do go clubbing I'll probably complain that the music is too loud and I want to go to bed ... And so when I heard those words, "things once loved" visions of things that are no longer loved, no longer me, no longer needed just kept running through my mind.

The photo above is me on my 30th birthday, blurred because until very recently I think I lacked clarity. In that photo I am wearing my favorite sweater (cardigan from Bebe), a Zara dress & black leggings. The important bits that I am leaving out is that the sweater I bought in 2001 when I was a size 4. The Zara dress is my favorite maternity dress. And the black leggings are a slimming size 14 (I had gained a ton of weight after the birth of my first child).

They were all things once loved, once needed and once much used ... but they are no longer loved, no longer needed and should not be used at the moment. So I have let go and am applying the "things once loved" philosophy to all aspects of my life.

Stay tuned for:

things once loved - home edition 

things once loved - fashion & beauty 

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