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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Day in with the kids

If I am being 100% honest, this post is sort of a self-validation & justification. Why? Today I did something I never really do. I kept the girls indoors! I don't like to do that because I think it is important for the girls to get out, get some fresh air and socialize with others. 

Originally we had a play date scheduled for the morning but that was cancelled due to a cough & the sniffles. Now. It is very cold outside but dry and I am not naturally an outdoorsy person in that I really dislike being cold or getting dirty & wet. In my defense, I do force myself to take the girls to the park, on walks, or to the library - rain or snow - every day, except today of course. In comes the guilt. 

That being said, I have not let them watch ANY tv because I kind of feel that watching too much tv can be a source of depression when you get older and I don't want them to develop bad habits. I remember being very young and wanting to go out and do things like play sports or see friends but my parents were so strict I stayed indoors all of the time - watching tv. 

In summary I did not let them out and I did not let them watch tv. 

What did we do? In the morning we made some cookie batter for chocolate sugar cookies and all got very dirty and messy. We then made the cookies & ate some of them. After that we all spent an hour drawing and practicing our colors on a massive piece of cardboard paper. Finally, the girls helped me make lunch and we went upstairs for a book and nap at 1pm. It is now nearly 3pm and the girls will be up soon. It gets dark by 4 and it is cold and windy so I am not sure if we will get out for more than a walk around the block. 

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