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Friday, January 6, 2012

Blue Boheme (Kensington San Diego) - French Cuisine

4090 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Wood and rock interiors lit by candlelight

It was a special occasion and I was in search of a special experience. My experience can be summed up as divine French cuisine in a cool "bohemian" environment. I now consider myself to be both an artist & writer solely for having had a meal there.

Summary: I cannot fault the food, the service or the ambiance since it was all stellar. This restaurant is tucked up near an up & coming area of San Diego with a bit of an urban and artsy edge. I will definitely have to revisit with all future trips to San Diego. It is a bit pricey but the food is made thoughtfully and the service difficult to match anywhere else. This is the type of place to go for a special occasion, to impress inlaws or to spice up and break out of the routine French meals.

The Food: The first course was Salade de Chevre Chaud with duck leg confit followed by the Camembert Fondue dans sa Boite and as main courses we had the Carre d Agneau and Filet Mignon. The salad was crisp; the duck divine; the Camembert perfectly warm and presented beautifully; the lamb and steaks were tender, moist and perfectly seasoned. Having eaten in exquisite fine dining establishments in London, Madrid and San Diego, this is by far my preferred choice.

The Atmosphere: Dark, Candle-lit and Edgy. It is not your traditional French Restaurant and that is what makes it so perfect. In the background you hear lovely French music, something out of the 1920´s I´d say - though I understood very little of it. Dining alongside us were couples of all ages and oddly assembled groups. The attire ranged from casual-grunge to dressed to impress.

The Service: Quite possibly, it was the service that tipped the scale for me. I will admit our hostess was not brilliant in that she answered the phone while we were in front of her. However, our server made up for the rough start. She knew and understood the menu, cooking times and wines, was able to make recommendations and was very thorough and kind. She understood the art of serving and "timing" thus executed her tasks brilliantly.  As we were leaving we were given a very warm thank you from a gentleman from behind the bar, who we believe might have been the owner. As we walked out one word came to mind "SPLENDID."

Would I go back? Yes. I will. I actually cannot wait for my next trip out, just for this reason.

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