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Monday, February 27, 2012

A - A Cup of Tea?

"A" - my love. You are a ton of work & I often express it. But there are so many things about you that make me smile.

1. No matter who comes over (granny, grandad, food delivery man ... anyone), you always ask them if they'd "like a cup of tea."

2. Any airplane that you think is smaller than it should be, you call an "arocopter"

3. You give your sister Spanish lessons.

4. You accessorize (See picture)

5. You wear your shoes on the wrong feet, on purpose. (See picture)

6. You not only insist on dressing yourself, but on choosing your own clothes.

7. You were incredibly keen on participating in your first eye exam today.

8. You have a very sophisticated pallet and asked for seconds of tonight's dinner which consisted of roasted beet root, steamed celery, mixed olives and smoked salmon with goat's cheese.

I love you "mama".

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