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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bar Method Workout (addictive & noticeable results)

Now. Take a look at this woman's back above. That's me ... just joking  ;). But those are the results that this workout creates. You get lean, toned muscles on your arms, back, mid-section, buttocks and thighs. It is a dancer's body. It is all very feminine.

This class is unlike any bar (barre) class out there.  I first took Bar Method classes in San Francisco in my early 20's when I was fit & thin. The classes were challenging and I loved them but I took for granted what the workout can do for you. Two children later and 25 pounds heavier than when I last used the workout, I decided to go back while on my trip to San Diego.

I went to the Point Loma location 5x per week for a just over 4 weeks. I became addicted and actually whittled inches off of my waist and about 5 pounds. Now back in London I continue the exercises and am anxious for a London studio to open.

The workout itself lasts a fat burning 60 minutes but without any hardcore cardio. The exercises involve small intense movements, exhausting your muscles using your own body weight and then stretching out those same muscles, thus shaping and molding them like clay. The exercises look easy if you are a bystander but they from easy.

You need to commit to the workout 3 to 4 times a week for an extended period for the results to kick in, but they will. The downside is the cost, classes are about $20 per class but there are also other package options available.

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