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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Cup of Vintage

There is something very cool about buying vintage. It makes me feel different, indulgent, green ... and of course VERY COOL.  Ever since I moved to England I had long been wanting one of these cake stands and I wanted something that looked old, but I wasn't willing to shell out too much money for one.

I met Carlie from a Cup of Vintage about 6 months ago at a fair but of course I had left home in such a rush, I had no cash & no card and wasn't expecting a complete stranger to believe I would pay later, so I didn't bother  explaining my plight. That was that. You can only imagine my delight when I ran into her and her fabulous company again this week! 15 pounds later ($24USD), I have my own lovely vintage cake stand. I have spent hours placing different things on there and moving it around the house. It is kind of like a pet. I really love it.

For anyone in and around London, you should check out A Cup of Vintage, aside from selling lovely little stands, they do fabulous tea parties.

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