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Monday, February 13, 2012

Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui In a Nut Shell

Feng Shui is about the harmony and balance of positive energy, also known as ch'i. What we want is for ch'i to enter our homes (lives) so that we maximize our individual potential and desires. 

The basic principle is that our environment is such that behind us are mountains (support). In front of us we have the Pheonix (future). To our left is the Dragon (yang/male). To our right is the Tiger (yin/female). 

                                                          Tiger                                 Dragon


If you stand with your back to your front door, think about your house/environment with respect to this diagram. What is the state of your mountain (ie back yard/back garden). Do you have a broken back fence? What about your pheonix? Is what is before you encouraging?

tips for entrances to homes - 
  • Change door mats regularly because that is where people wipe off bad energy.
  • Make sure your door is easy to find & access. A door that is well-lit, clean and in proper working order is best so that ch'i, life's opportunities, find you. 
tips for bedrooms -
  • Keep uncluttered.
  • From your bed you should be able to see your door from lying down position.
  • It is very important that you have a headboard on your bed.
  • It is best if your headboard is on a wall and not underneath a window.
  • You should have matching side tables, but try and stay away from sharp edges if you can because that will keep ch'i away. Rounded and soft corners are far more inviting.  
  • Do not sleep with cables or cell phones near you.
  • Wake up to a wonderful vision that speaks to your dream. 
tips for children's rooms - 
  • Furniture their height is best. 
  • Bunk beds are subliminally odd because they create inequality. 
tips for children's rooms - 
  • Green is the best color for bathrooms.
  • Water loss exaggerates loss of ch'i, keeping green plants and other wood elements will help curb the drain of ch'i.
  • Keep ensuite doors shut. 
  • Keep toilet seat down. 
  • A large mirror over the toilet will have negative effects on ch'i.
  • However, a big, well lit mirror over the sink should set you up for your day. It represents who you are. Bigger mirror. Bigger dream. Bigger gain. Make sure it is not a broken mirror or one made of up lots of smaller mirrors. 
tips for dining room -
  • Mirrors are a sign of generosity and exaggerate what is on the table. 
tips for kitchen - 
  • Get rid of your microwave. We don't know the impact that use of microwaves will have on us. 
tips for home office- 
  • mirror your home office after a real world business office (ie dont work from sofa). 
  • invest in a really good office chair. 
  • Do not position desk look out a window even if it takes up more space. You want to be able to see most of the room and have dominion over it, being able to see who comes in the door, but not being directly in front of the door. 
  • Behind you, while sat at your desk their should be a solid wall. 
tips for plants -
  • Money plants and peace lilies are the plants to buy. 
  • Avoid sharp plants as they will cut ch'i. 

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