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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night Solo - H at work

10:30 pm,  Friday night. Nirvana plays in the background. H is working (still). The children went to bed around 7 and I have been cleaning, folding since. Now - sitting, emailing, shopping, blogging. Bed soon. I still have not found any quality budget floor cushions.

I was taking out the recycling and came across last week's insert in the Sunday Times containing an interview with Patrick Stewart, who we all now from Star Trek. Any Trekkies out there? I wasn't one and amn't one but would secretly have loved to have been one.

The theme of the interview is Stewart's guilt for "obsessing" over his job while neglecting his wife and kids. The result, a divorce, counseling, angry children ... But he is a star now. He says "work started at 10 in the morning and finished at midnight." Yes. That is an extended work day.  But I think more and more of us are finding ourselves in situations where it is not the "passion" for work that keeps us in the office, it is a requirement of the job.

I blame technology. Technology makes us accessible all the time. And it really makes nearly "anything" possible, and we as users of technology turn into machines. Are we machines?

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