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Friday, February 24, 2012

Jerry Springer / Jeremy Kyle (Toddler Version)

C is a breeze. A is a handful. I love them both equally. A is in the "terrible twos" and it is not fun when she refuses to share, takes toys, or decides to have a public melt-down. I cope. She will outgrow it! She will outgrow it!  She will outgrow it! That is my new  mantra.

We went to a play group today. C behaved fabulously. A was good, but not perfect. She did at one point, out of the blue, take a swing at another toddler. She completely missed him. Thank goodness. I did take her aside & explain to her that it was naughty. But the rest of the time she was very good.

This is where it gets interesting. Another baby who is always incredibly well-behaved for some reason or another, got annoyed by C. He pushed her over. I picked her up and moved her. He then waited until I put her down and came after her. He shoved her head. He pulled at her clothes to knock her down. He then placed his fingers in her mouth and pulled her cheek out. I was in the middle of this trying to stop it gently. It was kind of like a toddler version of Jerry Springer. The poor child was very angry with her. I don't know why. C was wailing but she is tough and got over it quickly. The child's mom who is quite a lovely woman, whisked him away promptly and apologized. And then it was all fine again.

This child is always very good, and I would say even charming. It was just a bad day! I take this as a lesson that all children have bad days and that I shouldn't sweat it when one of mine acts up. It is not me. It is life.

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