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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kicking the Habit - The Truth About My Sugar Addiction

I did not know I had a problem until this last week.  I am writing this with a massive migraine.

"I did not start having sweets until I met you" - my husband's words and I would brush it off having just baked 4 dozen sets of cookies and tucking into them.

Last year I tossed the microwave and decided that everything that this household eats would be home-made from organic & fresh produce.  I've done well. I cannot even remember the last time I bought a can of spaghetti sauce. I make it all here. This also meant I had to stop buying sweets. Fine. No problem.

I am strict with the children. I made cupcakes yesterday and they each had a third of one - that is all. If I make cookies they can only have 1 child sized portion. And even then, they only have sweets twice a month. They seem to be alright with that. But they do not know any better.

As for me, I can easily have 3, 4, 5 cookies, brownies, cupcakes, whatever in a day. In the last two weeks, by 10am - if I haven't had any sweets I am angry and my head hurts. Within minutes of consuming a cake I am fine.

Last night was Fat Tuesday and I made cupcakes. I was not intending on having one but found myself running downstairs, after having gotten ready for bed, to have "just one" though I really wanted two. I could not control my urge. Fine. I had one. Then peacefully went to bed.

This morning, the first thing on my mind were the cakes downstairs and while I had a healthy breakfast and a fabulous orzo lunch I am still craving something sweet. Even as I type this I long to go downstairs and have a sweet. I know I shouldn't. My head is throbbing. I am a bit moody. This is not normal. Sweets are fine in a balanced diet, but I doubt sweets should be consumed everyday. I can't remember the last time I went without a sweet. This is going to be hard. Quite frankly, I might cry. Quite frankly, I am crying.

I am still going to bake, because that is what I do. I bake. I cook. I love doing those things. But I am not going to eat sweets. I was going to stop cold turkey for 40 days. Let's see if I make it to Easter.


  1. I feel the same way about sweets (perhaps not surprisingly, given my name, right?) but was inclined to feel better about my issues after I read this, "Dessert at Breakfast May Help Dieters." I've never tried the low-low-cal diet, but this helps justify my little sweet something after lunch.

    Sort of.


    I probably should just try going cold turkey, huh... Honestly? I'm scared to. I'll be thinking of you and sending you strength-y vibes from NY!

  2. P.S., the part in quotes is a clickable link. Loving your writing as always. :)