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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Same Ole Day.

Today was like yesterday but not because we were a bit "crazy ... "

Girls up at 7.
Breakfast at 8.
Lunch at 11:30.
Nap at 1.
Snack at 3.
Dinner at 5.
Bath at 6.
Bed at 7.  Hurrah ... Hurrah ...

Now here is the exciting bit. Afternoon snack consisted of two bananas each, as opposed to one. But it gets even better. "A" planted a sunflower seed last week and to my utter surprise, it has actually grown. She is so proud of herself, so I took them both to the mall to have smoothies at about 3:30pm. Very sophisticated and lavish for this age. They loved it. No tantrums. Both obedient. Hurrah.

I'm old school and keep all of my recipes written on random pieces of paper in a box. MISTAKE. Box was found by two toddlers. Papers no longer exist and whatever remnants remain are riddled with toddler scribble.

I'm still in search of a therapist (a nanny, a maid, a personal shopper, a chef, a candlestick maker ... )

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