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Monday, February 27, 2012

Peter Pan Collar & Pastels - London Fashion Weekend

Cristina watching the Catwalk Show LFW 2012
What's in this spring & summer? Peter Pan Collars & Pastels according to the stylists & designers of London Fashion week. Now you know.

My observations after taking my girls to see the catwalk show are as follows.

1. Wow those models are thin. I mean THIN. I felt an immediate need to bake them something sweet.

2. Why on earth do we women drop "mad" cash on shoes we cannot walk in. The show host looked great when standing, but walked like she was stepping on shards of glass. I've been there. Done that in my hey day.

3. If you take 2 toddlers to a catwalk show, you'll probably get plenty of odd looks. We kind of stuck out amongst all of the hip and lavishly dressed cool folk around. It is fine. We had a blast. My favorite moment was asking a group of chic looking 25 year-olds bringing their champagne into the catwalk show to please move over so I could get my stroller around them. They didn't mind.

uncomfy shoes that look fab

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