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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tom Ham´s Lighthouse

Tom Ham's Lighthouse
2150 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Summary: This was family lunch ordeal. Two toddlers. Two adults. We all walked away satisfied and having had a lovely time with the most fantastic view of San Diego.

The Food: The food was good, better than average but I would not say spectacular. The kids meal options were disappointing, but then again I have never found a kids meal that offers anything other than chicken nuggets or fish sticks. The above sounds like a harsh criticism. But it is not, as we all very much enjoyed our starters and main dishes and the prices were very reasonable. I can guarantee that it will be our family "go to" place for our next trip to San Diego.

The Atmosphere: PHENOMENAL. That had to be in CAPS because the area is isolated on a beautifully green harbor-esque island across from the San Diego Airport, so you get a very good view of Downtown San Diego. There are plenty of windows for curious eyes and we all really enjoyed watching approaching planes to the airport. There is a rather large boat in the main lunch area which my children loved.  The space itself is open with tons of natural light flowing through so that in itself creates a very serene but welcoming ambiance.

The Service: SPECTACULAR. From the hostess, to waiter, to server to cashier - they all treated us in a friendly manner and made sure to make eye contact and engage my children as well. The staff were attentive, filling drinks, checking on us and very informative.

Would I go back. Absolutely.

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