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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines 2012 - All is Love - my guy is not a bad guy

I loathe Valentine's Day but I confess that this year I'm the bad 'guy'. It has been years since H and I have done anything for Valentine's Day and even then I think we only exchanged cards or a phone call. He nipped out this morning and surprised me with a "flat white" and croissant (my two favorites) and a lovely shower/lotion set by Crabtree & Evelyn (which was hidden in the shed). Even better he stayed an extra 15 minutes so I could have a bath and enjoy my new pampering products. I am feeling great and my skin is very soft. There is a certain calmness in the air.

I do feel a bit bad and I told him that ... his response "well, I only did it to avoid being the bad guy on your blog."   ... love you too babe. x

Happy Day to Everyone Out There. All is Love.

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