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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

H works alot, mucho, beacoup? Angry?

Hiya! A reoccurring theme on my blog and on my facebook is H's work schedule

I've gotten "tons" of emails asking if it makes me angry. By "tons" I mean 23 emails, but, nonetheless, "23" equals "tons" from my perspective.

January and February were busy work months. On average he was home just after 4am and out the door just before 8am and weekends were non-existent. For the moment, things are calmer and he manages to get home by 9.

It's hard on me. It is very hard. The situation often makes me angry, not at him & I think he would vouch for me in saying that I have handled it in a stellar manner. I did not get angry with him, lose my temper, walk around depressed. I just "got on with it." The difficulty was in not letting the girls notice anything was awry. I did not want them to know that I was upset daddy was working so many hours, that I was worried for his health, or that I was worried the girls would feel disconnected from their dad.

I continued with the playgroups, ballet, music, activities, cooking, appointments and day-to-day chores. I even tried to make our outings more "special" to make up for what I thought they were missing.

It is far from a perfect balance but it is just the way things are. So in response, "Am I angry?" ... Yes. But not at my family. My job is to keep the house going and cultivating the girls & that's the responsibility I am taking most seriously.

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