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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sick. Quick.

It is nearly 4pm. The girls are napping which is unusual for their routine.

C fell ill last night and within 12 hours she had a cough, a runny nose, a fever and couldn't keep her food down. I have spent most of today coaxing her into having tablespoons of water and chicken stock in exchange for a bit of manuka honey. She has been most interested in sleeping.

A was fabulous this morning. As C slept, she painted & decorated a music box which now contains all of her favorite tunes. When she is good she pulls out a song & we sing it.

A happily had lunch. C had a bit of lunch and quickly became irritable so I bundled them up, popped them in my Phil &Ted's double sport pram and whisked them off to the park. It was absolutely freezing. They fell asleep en route so I ended up freezing my backside off walking around for two hours.

Once home, they awoke and insisted on an hour of singing and music. Then they both asked for another nap. A is starting to look a bit rough. Kids fall unwell very quickly.

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