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Thursday, March 22, 2012

update - Diet & Sugar Deprivation

I am pacing around the house, Cristina two steps behind me, feeling incredibly sorry for myself, nibbling on the contents of this white bowl containing organic red grapes. Seeded to top it off! I'd rather be having a Welsh cake or the date and walnut loaf I made Tuesday, that is lone-fully sitting on the kitchen counter.

For the last 3 - 4 weeks, my weight has hovered between 130 & 133lbs. The ideal weight for someone my height is 120lbs & so that is where I want to get. It is not easy. These last 13lbs are incredibly difficult to shed. At my heaviest I think I was about 176lbs (190lbs while pregnant). I have come to realize that it took me 8 years to gain all of this weight, so clearly I can't expect to shed it all in a matter of months. But psychologically, this is killing me, especially in the weeks when my weight increases rather than decreases. It makes me very sad and while I keep my goal in mind, I often want to give up.  What's the point. Enjoy life. Eat.

I set out to give up "sweets" on February 22 and since then I have ceded to ice-cream and frozen yogurt twice. It is not something that I am proud of, but overall I have done well considering I would normally have 3 or 4 sweets per day. Despite these hiccups I will keep trekking along.

I am taking my own advice re carbs from the other day and have reduced my pasta and rice portions in exchange for increased vegetables, which I don't I usually get enough of. I'll have raw veggies when I can.

13lbs ... 13 lbs ... 13 lbs ...

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