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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bill's (Covent Garden, London) - Cafe/Global

28 St. Martin's Courtyard (Covent Garden)
London WC2E 9AB
0207 240 8183

Summary: I will just start out by saying that I loved this place. It is a "mini-chain" as there are 6 in the UK. I really dislike going to chains, but this one uses simple, everyday - good quality ingredients and products to make delicious food. It is also neat that it can meet anyone's needs offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a latte if that is all that you fancy. Even better - it is not a wallet breaker!

The Food: I had a chorizo sandwich with houmous & yogurt, accompanied by some outstanding thick crispy chips (fries). Being naughty, and my very first lunch out without the kids, I had a Hedgerow Fizz - which is a fancy drink served in a champagne flute containing elder-flower, white wine and sparkling water (I think). I felt sophisticated and it tasted fabulous! The menu was quite short, but everything sounded appetizing.

The Atmosphere: Convent Garden is a cool (but fancy) area so I was expecting a certain pretentious air. I was wrong. It is nestled in this very quiet courtyard and I wasn't sure if it was even open - until we walked in and the place was welcoming, packed and vibrant. There are really cool things on the walls and everyone around us just seemed to be having a good time. I was out on a lunch date with a girlfriend, but could happily see myself taking my 1 & 2 year-old for a meal here.

The Service: Incredibly friendly. Incredibly friendly. Incredibly friendly. I was very pleased.

Would I go back? Absolutely. I will go back.

Hedgerow Fizz

cutest mini salt & pepper shakers in the world 

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