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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gifts to Give or Get

I budget. I scrimp. I buy second hand - I buy ALOT of second-hand. But occasionally I come across items that I think are special, though getting me to spend over 20 isn't easy. These caught my eye. 

Child's Personalised Oil Cloth Apron 
15.50 GBP ($15.50 USD)
The personalized touch is great, but also, it is easy to wipe clean and the kiddos will love getting involved in the kitchen and using them for messy arts & crafts.          
Retro Lunch Box by 
4.75 GBP ($7.50 USD)
I like simplicity and things that might "appear" to be old. I think this is great. 

Zoola Jewellry Ring Holder by Umbra                                         
7.14 GBP  ($11.30 USD)                  
Please tell me I'm not the only 
one who misplaces her rings.  

Rainbow Necklace by
25 GBP ($40 USD)         
Definitely over my budget but the dove
sold it for me.  Is it summer yet?                                                                     

An iPaperPad by 
3.20 GBP ($5 USD
 I just think this is funny. 

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