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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

one of "those" days ...

I tend to babble, often trying to convince people to join me on this "only fresh organic homemade food for the family" journey I am on. Well, while it sounds very upper class and sophisticated, today was just one of "those" days. Here is a whole load of organic homemade sophistication all over my shirt. If you take a second look you can see blue paint from last week. I don't know why I even bother washing my clothes sometimes.

Today's car trip from the grocery store summarizes my day. For reference C is 19 months (coming up to 2), A is 31 months (coming up to 3).

C - "blph blph blph" (as she started spitting in the car)
A - "You are a naughty girl and should stop doing like that"
C - "No. Not naughty!" (very loud shout)
A - "Yes. Naughty!" (nearly crying)
C - "Roar" - (roared like a lion at A)
A - " I don't like it" (in full on tears and scared)
A - (retort) "ROAR" (her loudest roar)

The girls then proceeded to try and "out" roar each other. I shouted, "Stop now or timeout at home."
There was a dead silence and then in unison they both burst out crying in high pitches.

Like I said ... just one of those days.

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