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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sick like walking dead sick

I've been sick. I'm better now so don't worry. But this was the sort of "I'm glad I have a will written out sick." I was bedridden for two days and for three nights the only thing that would put me to bed was a warm shot of whisky in my verbena tea (ok fine two shots).  All I had was the common cold, but for some reason whenever I get a cold, I get an incredibly painful sore throat and I start to cough uncontrollably to the point where I feel hot, start peeling off layers of clothing, and  my abs begin to contract. It doesn't stop. Yesterday at the grocery store I had an attack and about 4 people tried calling for an ambulance. As soon as it passes, I'm fine. My ribs are very sore now and I am dumbfounded that I have made it this far without breaking a rib during an episode.

I've done the unreasonable thing, which is to spend hours on the internet self-diagnosing and I am now convinced that I need my tonsils out. H thinks I am insane. I'll see my doctor in two weeks to discuss.

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