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Friday, June 1, 2012

New Buys

Rose earrings by onetenzeroseven   3.75 GBP / $5.90 USD
Simplicity - Simple Elegance ... 

8GBP / $14 USD
I bought two sets last week and have used them every day. Any excuse to use them. The girls adore them. 

I was getting tired of running back & forth with food & drinks for the little ones at meal times. I bought  mine for 25 from a vendor and am in love with it. I've also placed it in the living room as a decoration when not in use. I think it is fab! 

Assorted Polish Pottery by Slavic Crafts 22 GBP/33USD
I am trying to put together my kitchen collection. Slowly but surely. I will get there, but I fell in love with these polish designs. 

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