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Thursday, August 9, 2012

forgot the diaper bag ... near disaster

I can't really get my head around it all & how I pulled it off ..

The kids (ages 3 & 22 months) went to a dance camp today and afterwards I treated them to a picnic in the park. A has been potty trained since she was 22 months and C, now 22 months has had 1 day of toilet training a few weeks back and today I took a risk and let her go "commando" ...

We had our picnic. There was no toilet near and we were about a 10 minute walk, 5 minute sprint from the house. 

A turned to me and said ... "I really have to poo." 
I asked ... "Can you wait until we get home."  
A "No mommy I think its coming and feels squishy" (worried look on her face)
Me "Ok, lets not panic" as I hurriedly searched for wipes and a diaper. (I'd left them at home)
C then said "Me poo too"
Me "Really?" 
C "Me poo now" (At this point I was hating myself for forgetting the diaper bag.)

I whisked them into my Phil & Ted's totally accepting I'd have a real mess on my hands at the house. I sprinted in Olympic medal time to the house and rushed them both up the stairs. One on the baby potty and the other on the toilet ... C relieved herself and A said "Mommy, it was just a fart." ...

I fell over in laughter ... ahhh the joys of motherhood.