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Friday, August 3, 2012

La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra 
9 Old Compton St. London W1D 5JF
Cuisine: Mexican

This is not the place to pick up a taco or two, or to go if you are incredibly hungry. Portions are small but the prices are not. This is definitely a place to visit once just to say you've been (that is for old boring folk like me). If you are hip & cool then you'll enjoy the music, vibe, trendy drinks and being part of the fabulously dressed. It's like a "dance club" but under the auspices of a restaurant, so, let's call it a "restaurant disco." 

The food is very good, chic and not your typical Mexican cuisine. All & all, incredibly pleasurable to taste- only incredibly expensive for the teeny toddler sized portions. The atmosphere is "tres chic" and a bit naughty. There is no restaurant sign, only a sign reading "Peep Show" and from the moment you enter the large dark door you feel as if you are entering an "adult club"  - you know the type of place where you'll find dominatrix ... Naughty, isnt it? 

I was there the week the restaurant opened and the service was "awkward" and the servers knew nothing about the actual food, dishes or ingredients which was disappointing. 

Would I go back? I'd consider going back with a large group of friends, but probably not on a date night with H.