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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My life with a Sports Addict

The 100 meter Olympic sprint just ended.

H is mesmerized by the post-race coverage so I was able to pry the laptop off of him. I am not even sure he is aware that I am in the room at the moment. Most of the day H has been juggling 3 to 4 events simultaneously using all media outlets - laptop, tv, radio and blackberry.

BBC has been kind enough to make every Olympic event available. I foolishly made a comment about how we watched the Olympic100 meter race together 4 years ago, thinking he'd think it was meaningful or something of that sort. His retort "Gabriela I've watched every 100 meter final since 1988 and can remember all of them." Thanks babe!

I've now been caught and must return the laptop to him ...

Have I ever told you that during our first dance at our wedding, instead of whispering sweet things into my ear, H just kept repeating the names of football (soccer) players ... ;)