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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Her Eye-Lids Are Temporarily Gone

C has a milk allergy and now potentially a candy-bar allergy. We took an impromptu trip to the museum today and on the train ride home I thought I'd be a "cool" relaxed mom and decided to share a candy-bar between the 3 of us. You only live once right?

Well, 2 minutes after her first bite, C was covered in hives, her eyes watered, her face started puffing out and blotching. I was holding her, trying to get water into her and she was transforming mutating right before my eyes. Other passengers were looking at me with an "oh sh*t, maybe you should call someone look." While others were tisk tisking my candy-bar wrapper. "Bad mom! Off with her head!"

She was uncomfortable and cranky but she held it together. 

Once home, I gave her an over-the-counter child's allergy medication and while she looks a bit puffy and has temporarily lost her eye-lids, she is in great form. 

I asked her just now. "Are you ok?"
Her response, "Mama, der were a pider on the teps" 
"Yes honey but the spider is not on the steps any longer."
"Pider go to see her mommy because he have sore tummy?"
"Um. Yes."