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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gross Motor Skills Fine Tuning

The girls are a bit obsessed with anything with wheels. Rain. shine, freezing cold they insist on taking a ride on their bikes or scooters. When they ask my face sinks a little bit, and I say something like "why don't we draw a picture" (it never works). I hate being cold! Thank goodness for them H is a big cycler, cycling 25 miles into work each day. 

Having mastered their two-wheel balance bikes, H is trying to get them to fine tune their skills, "military style." There is nothing better than a parent sucking the fun out of seemingly simple pleasures. Hmmm I see years of therapy in their futures. They don't complain (yet, maybe out of fear) and it wears them out as depicted in the next photograph ... moments before "We are not tired."