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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Awesome Child A

Last Friday we had a play-date with eight 2 year olds (my C included) and A who is now 3. I survived, but it is all a bit of a haze because one thing that you should never ever do at a play-date with eight 2 year-olds is go to a play-date with eight 2 year olds! 

I had a great & relatively stress-free 24 months with C, but now her sneaky, greedy, overly confident neanderthal-esque traits are surfacing. AND I DON’T LIKE IT! Alas, it is my job, come hell or high water, to try and teach the values of patience, kindness and sharing whilst myself remaining patient and kind. IT’S NOT EASY!

At the play-date, C and all of her fellow 2 year olds toddled around chanting “I want. It’s mine. I want. It’s mine.”  There was one tricycle and they all wanted it at exactly the same time. In the end, the biggest child won and C (and 6 others) were left in tears and filled with disappointment. I sort of wanted to tell her something along the lines of “That’s life. Get used to it.” But I refrained and consoled her instead explaining the importance of taking turns.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw A who at this point was standing with another 2 year old. They both caught sight of a red toy car at exactly the same time and they both scurried off to get it. Having just given the “sharing speech” to C I was fully prepared to give it to A.

But something unexpected happened. Instead of sprinting ahead & shoving herself in front of the much slower toddler, A slowed down and let the little girl have it. A then stood back and sadly watched the little girl play with the truck. I gave her thumbs up and she smiled at me knowing she had done something very good.

As the afternoon continued, A had her hair pulled, was shouted at, was pushed and had almost every toy taken away from her. I was very proud of her because she never once lost her composure. In the days following, I have really started to notice how awesome A really is. She is a very kind child and with an enormous and inclusive heart.

At bedtime last night, C was a bit of a terror, took A’s teddy bear and told A that they were no longer “best friends.”  Moments later, C had a coughing fit, A ran up to her worried, and giving her a big hug said “Cristina, I’ll look after you” and she then gave her little sister her prized teddy bear for comfort.  

The first thought that came to my head was: “Why are you being so nice to her? She’s been a real brat towards you”. I didn't actually say that but I thought it as I watched their embrace. My second thought was: “Api you are an amazing child.”  

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