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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm going to tell you a story

This morning, C reminded me how great being a mom is. From my bedroom I shouted, "Cristina, can you get dressed please."

"No, mummy, I tell you stury of Goldilocks and of her bears too. I cant find porridge." 
I walked in to find her organizing props to tell me the story. 

"Ok." as I fought tears. "I'll help you find the porridge." 
"And baby bears bed too mummy?"
"Yes. of course"

I then sat through her version of the story (almost as good as mine).

Kids are truly amazing. 


  1. What a very nice story. Your children will not stay small for long so make sure you take the time to enjoy these precious moments. I now have grandchildren who are very lovely at saying the nicest things. Your daughter is beautiful. Merry Christmas