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Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2013: Adios Hair

It is 1 A.M. in London and having just chimed in the New Year to champagne and grapes, the resolution I want to focus on is "getting over myself." I had a hectic few weeks leading up to the holidays. I was busy, overcommitted, exhausted and run off of my feet. One night I was complaining about it to my darling H who kindly told me to get over myself, stop going on about it and turn on the rugby.  

He was trying to make light of a situation to make me feel better (or he might hate me) - but his words rang true.  I am so incredibly lucky in life.

Today, I start my yearly detox and part of that is going to involve cutting off 18 inches of my hair on January 7. The hair will be used to make wigs for children with cancer. This is a big step since I've basically sported the same hair style since I was about 5. Everyone thinks I am joking. I've had people say my head is too big for boy short hair, most women can't pull it off, don't do it.  But first, I want to. It's a good thing. Second, it is just hair. Third, I'm 31 sporting the same hair I did at 18.

The truth is I am nervous and will probably hate it at first. But I welcome change and this is going to be a fantastic year. Hopefully this will remind me daily to get over myself because life really is good and beautiful. Bring it on 2013.

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