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Monday, January 14, 2013

A bit of a flip out but well done girls

I'm not sure how I am going to get away without sounding like a pushy parent (ah well). The way I raise my children is a direct result of my own failures and shortcomings as a child and young adult and so I am fully aware that I probably need therapy and that they will too someday.

When the girls get bored, they walk towards me side-by-side and silently but intensely stare at me. They are like short little zombies. It's really freaky. Last week this happened and I asked A "What shall we do?"

"Can we practice our letters please." A asked.

me "Uh -ok." (under my breathe I followed by an "but that's boring." And because I was feeling lazy, "Don't you want to watch some television instead?")

"No thank you." replied A.

(As a disclaimer, I've never taught her any letters but her little pre-school has - creating tons of unexpected work for me at the ages of 2 &3.)

We practised A, B & C on the chalkboard. For about an hour afterwards, while I was distracted (probably blogging), they continued to practice writing. They wrote their A, B and C's on old newspapers, random sheets of paper, on the bills they found in my wallet, the Spanish version of Harry Potter I am reading and on the hallway walls in both crayon and chalk.

Did I flip out? Absolutely!
Did I spend an hour cleaning it up before H came home? Absolutely!

Now I am off to get the play dough out of the carpet.

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