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Friday, January 11, 2013

Things you can't do over the age of 29

This is day 5 with short hair and except for a few, "how the heck do you style short hair blunders" it has been ok. Except for one BIG PROBLEM that I have successfully avoided all week. It's my mom! 

My mom has always loved my long hair and might actually disown or stop speaking to me once she finds out  that I've cut my hair. For those of you just tuning into me. I'm a Californian, living in London and my mom is in California. And she loathes short hair. 

We  Skype all the time but this week she's been having internet problems. Thank goodness for that. I saw her logged onto Skype last night and I was ready to tell her my camera wasn't working. She didn't answer. What a relief! She also might be avoiding me if my sister went ahead and told her what I've done. 

Main point - In your twenties (even at 29) you might be able to get away with childish fears like this. But in your 30s (like me), and having two kids of my own, it's pretty lame and I am ashamed. 

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