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caramel & cocoa

Caramel & Cocoa - cooking, parenting, fashion, diy, eating, living, a blog


Inspired by and named after my daughters' favorite teddy bears, Caramel & Cocoa was launched in November 2011 as more than just "another mommy blog."  It is an honest blog about the sweet and bitter sides of life, parenting, ageing and everything else. 

It gives you, the reader, an opportunity to escape from your day, and maybe laugh, cry, ponder or learn something new. 

I love cooking & baking, trying to make things, eating at new restaurants, testing new products and of course writing ... writing ... writing ... 

I left sunny San Diego for the London fog because I fell for a travelling Irishman and this is my life with three kids. 

Update - July 2016 - Irishman and I, plus 3 kids (2. 6, 7) have moved from London to San Diego. 

I would love to hear from you! Please email me with comments, questions, how to's. If I can help, I will get in touch.

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